Solution Design

Tekmar carry out full detailed design for every component within each system in- house, overseen by our senior engineers with vast knowledge and experience in the offshore industry.

  • Detailed drawings for each component
  • General arrangement drawings for each system
  • 3D rendered visuals for each system and component
  • Determination of input data for veri cation engineering

Service Life Verification Engineering

In order to ensure the designed solution will function over it’s full service life, Tekmar carry out full service life veri cation for every project.

  • OrcaFlex analysis of the cable/umbilical and protection system from hang-off to burial point
  • Finite Element Analysis stress analysis under Ultimate Limit State loads
  • Fatigue limit state analysis of protection system and cable/ umbilical within the system over the service life
  • Vortex induced vibration susceptibility analysis

Installation Verification Engineering

Working alongside the nominated installation contractor, Tekmar can carry out installation verification to ensure the systems suitability inline with the chosen installation method.

  • Over-boarding and pull-in analysis
  • Cable lay and burial analysis
  • Calculation of loads onto cable/umbilical, protection system and foundation over full installation process
  • Sensitivity studies based on different operating conditions

Extended Verification Engineering

Further to our standard verification engineering, Tekmar also have signi cant experience in further verifying our designs with the following extended engineering. 

  • Impact and dropped object analysis
  • Heat transfer analysis
  • Free-hanging cable analysis